Dream away in these decorations!

3D milling and hotwire cutting are excellent for making the basic shape for your decor project in EPS or PUR.

Create a world and capture your audience so your product becomes an experience! This is well suited for an exhibition booth, a movie set, a festival or even a permanent decoration in a thema park.

We do not develop your decor, but help decorbuilders in hatching your ideas!

Twinplast does not paint or coat its products.


Eye-catching gorilla measuring 4.2m high

Decoration restaurant

Decorative moulures for a restaurant

Rock in Rio

Fountain, Guitar and 3D Letters (Las Vegas, USA)


Basic form for this playground equipment (Russia)

Basic design boat K3 show

Ferrari land

Basic design of Ferrari racing cars

Parc Astérix

Basic design decor Osiris


indoor Coevorden (Netherlands)

Amusement park elements

ROX car

Basic EPS mould of the ROX car on which a polyester mould was made. Several reproductions were made in this mould as decor in the various Plopsa parks.


Film set/Props (Torpedoes and submarine)

I Kill Giants

Film set (beach)

Cupcake foam

Advertising campaign by JBC


Rubber duck for Music video of ‘French Kiss’


Advertising campaign by Recupel


Geubels and the idiots

Van Gils & Guests

Ceiling and wall decor elements


House Anubis and the Revenge of Arghus


Decor K3 and the Cat Prince

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