Twinplast has been an established name in the processing of polymerss for more than 50 years. What started as a one-man business, has grown into a professional company at a 10,000 m² site where hi-tech milling and cutting machines as well as extrusion lines give form to all your ideas. What started with cutting ceiling tiles, has grown into a company that supplies to various sectors such as to construction, pharmacy, automotive, entertainment, furniture, industry, etc. You will find our products everywhere……yes, you will even find milled and cut pieces from Twinplast in space (especially in the Tesla that is floating around). By continuing to invest and evolving, we will also be at the disposal of our current and future customers the coming 50 years to take a constructive approach with them and develop solutions to meet their expectations.

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1962: Jef Wouters starts a DIY store in woodworking and renovations.

1969: Jef Wouters closes the DIY store and only produces EPS ceiling tiles and cornices.

1979: Establishment of Polysiertegels as a PLC (making ceiling tiles, cornices and decoration).

1979: Purchase of the first wired saw to saw EPS using a template.

1980: Production of the first EPS formworks.

1982: Purchase of the current building in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver.

1984: A fire broke out and the entire production burnt down.

1985: A complete new build is built and the production machines are rebuilt.

1986: Vacuum forming production is started (trays).

1994: Formation of Twinplast NV.

20/12/2001: The blocks warehouse where the raw material is located burn down.

2003: Inauguration of the new block warehouse.

2003: Construction of the large VDS (first large milling machine for EPS processing).

2017: Inauguration of the new milling building.

2017: Installation of the new 8-shaft milling robot.

07/2019: Takeover of Twinplast NV and Polysiertegels NV by Laurent Van Coppenolle.

2022: Purchase of a high-voltage substation as replacement of diesel generators for generating power.

2023: Installation of 600 solar panels.

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