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Every shape, template or recess is possible when it comes to design via contour cutting or routing. Do, however, always still use support formwork.

There are various benefits from EPS formwork when compared to traditional concrete formwork in steel, rubber or wood:

  • Ideal for formwork with a curved, double curved or other unique designs.
  • You can work on several formwork items at the same time (with the same shape).
  • The process of producing the template is a lot faster.
  • The process of pouring concrete is a lot faster (because you work with various identical formwork items and not with one template).
  • The template will not be negatively affected by moisture.
  • In relation to refractory concrete, all items can be fired together at the same time.
  • An additional formwork can be produced easily and quickly (if there is a shortage or damage).

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