Will your product arrive safely? The answer is ‘Yes!’.

You do not have to worry because Twinplast has a rich tradition in custom making packaging parts. Every product is different and sets different requirements: we contour cut, 3D, mill various materials (such as EPS or Neopor, LD PE or EPP, etc.) or vacuum form (such as PS and PP) to create a custom-made protection for your product!


Protective, affordable and reliable custom-made packaging

Are you sure that your products arrive unscathed at the destination location? Do you want to prevent redundant costs of an unsuccessful shipment? Choose Twinplast’s solid packaging made of styrofoam.

That good packaging is essential in our society of faster and faster deliveries has gradually become clear to companies. Thanks to sound custom-made packaging, you will prevent damage that your products may suffer when transported and therefore also the costs linked to this. You invest time into a good product so why not in good packaging?

The choice of styrofoam or expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a conscious one. EPS is an inexpensive and lightweight material that can be easily cut into difficult shapes. It is, moreover, water and impact resistant and can be easily stacked. After all, many products have difficult forms and do not stay in their place while being transported. Twinplast therefore supplies packaging that encloses the entire product, stays in place and is easy to stack. The price/quality ratio is therefore very good.

The material, moreover, consists of 2% polystyrene and the other 98% is air. The official name is actually Airpop®, which makes a reference to the sustainable character because styrofoam is perfectly recyclable. It is a win-win.


Find your tailor-made solution

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