Your signboard, decoration or promotional material on a stand, we cut or mill in EPS.
Provide your letters with a minimum height of 10cm. There is no maximum height. Surprise us.
If you are unsure which dimensions are ideal for you, we are at your disposal for the necessary advice and expertise so that your letters become an ideal attention-getter!
Mail us the text, dimensions, font (or graphic drawing of your logo), colour (back also painted?) and your details for a competition.

Note: Letters with closed openings such as the ‘O’ or the ‘B’ can be made with an incision (which may or may not be glued back on) or milled out without making an incision. Tip: Letters can easily be painted yourself with water-soluble paint. If you prefer to leave the finishing to our care, we will carry out the painting work. We do ask you to specify the RAL colour codes.

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