LD(PE) (low-density (polyethylene)) & EPP (expanded polypropylene)

Do you want a soft material that you can compress and that it will then regain its shape? Then LD(PE) (low-density polyethylene) and EPP ( expanded polypropylene) are your materials!

They are light and flexible soft foams that provide good shock absorption because they can be compressed and disperse the force of the impact over a larger surface. They are therefore perfect for a shock absorbing and scratch-free packaging element!

Soft foams are easier to compress and therefore they are less suitable for very heavy long-term compression (EPS is more suitable for this). In contrast to EPS, PE and EPP do not quickly break down or deform not even after multiple shocks, instead, the recover after an impact to achieve their original shape. PE/EPP are both suitable at low (up to -60 °C) and at high (up to 100 °C) temperatures. These materials do not absorb much water and have a good floating capacity.


Download the LD technical sheet

    Twinplast mainly uses LD PE in densities 29 kg/m³, 45 kg/m³ and 70 kg/m³ and black. Other colours (white, grey, blue, green, red, orange, etc.) are also possible. For LD PE products, we start with boards measuring 2000 x 1000 x thickness. Due to its streamlined look, LD PE is preferred for inlays for cases and other beautiful packaging.

    EPP is somewhat harder and is used in densities ranging from 30 kg/m³ to 80 kg/m³. EPE/EPP is contour cut or routed by Twinplast from boards with various dimensions. We use it to produce your shock-absorbing packaging for automotive components, furniture pieces or industrial parts.


    • Light and strong
    • Flexible and compressible
    • Recovers quickly and fully after compression
    • Low heat conductivity and good heat insulation
    • Not water-absorbing and strong floating capacity
    • Can deal well with weather conditions and wind
    • Scratch-free
    • Sound insulating

    Download datasheet EPP

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