Technical concrete parts

For your technical high-quality items in refractory concrete, we can fabricate custom-made formwork in EPS and/or PU. Every shape, template or recess is possible through contour cutting or routing. Do, however, always still use support formwork.

These technical concrete items can be recess elements or internal formwork items such as filler elements to ensure that concrete formwork is less heavy.

In addition, the templates can also be used as design formwork items or outside formwork such as, for example, formwork for a concrete staircase so that it can be poured on-site.

A combination of inside and outside formwork such as refractory concrete formwork items for a multitude of applications is, of course, also possible.

We can also make design formwork as a template to pour artwork in concrete. This can be done based on the dimensions, but also by scanning in the design model into clay or other materials.

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