Concrete projects

EPS and PU formwork items give you very extensive design freedom

This means that our formwork items are ideal for applications such as roads and bridge building, renovation and reconstruction, artwork and other complex projects in concrete and artificial stone.

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Antwerp Station:

For the reconstruction of Antwerp Station, original elements were scanned in and digitally edited. This ensured that EPS formwork items could be produced with the original design.

Concrete was poured into this to obtain an artificial stone with the original shape to replace the soft limestones!

St Jozef Clinic:

Facade recesses (Bornem)

For the facade of the St-Jozef hospital in Bornem, 337 conic elements were produced in EPS (styrofoam).

These recess blocks were clad with orange PVC film to make the release of the concrete easier.

Next, these shapes in the formwork items were used to pour concrete prefab panels.

Red Star Line:

Formwork items for the museum’s watchtower

The “Red Star Line” was a Belgium shipping line that took immigrants with steamships from Antwerp to New York between 1873 and 1935. A conic watchtower that is 29 m high was built for the “Red Star Line” museum (that also stood under a slope) in the shape of a steamship. To achieve this, Strabag used an EPS inside formwork clad with orange PVC foil and an EPS outside clad with PS foil in-between where concrete was poured.

The embassy of Qatar (Brussels):

Formwork items for domes

For the embassy of Qatar in Brussels, templates were produced to pour indoor and outdoor domes in concrete. These templates were clad with orange PVC foil to ensure that the concrete item could be more easily released. For the largest dome that has a diameter larger than 12 m, a template was made for one segment. For the smaller domes, a full template for the inside and the outside were made in-between where the dome was poured in concrete..

Winner: 2014 FEBE Elements awards

Memorial gardens:


Stone seating arrangements:

Formwork items for seating elements at Liège Together (Liège Station)


Positive template for ostriches (Leopold Park in Brussels)


Formwork for glass tiles (Oostende)

Radar tower (Oostende):

Turned design formwork (Oostende)

Winner: 2014 FEBE Elements awards

Optimisation of the load-bearing structure:

ESO concrete

Read more about this here in this article from Civiele Techniek (Civil Engineering).

Swimming pool Marcinelle:

Formwork items for the wave swimming pool edge

Winner: 2015 FEBE Elements Awards

Concrete Challenge Desk:

“Experimental Concrete” exhibition (the Netherlands)

Port ornament:

formwork items in PU (at the instructions of WM Concrete)

Dulwich College London:

EPS formwork elements for the façade of the Sciences Faculty. The façade pattern is an algorithmic representation of the beauty of nature. (London, UK)

Hofheide crematorium:

Acoustic ceiling recesses (Nieuwrode)

Asparagus plug:

Concrete formwork with wax (Puurs)


Bicycle parking (Ghent)

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