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Custom-made masonry arches with or without an additional height can be used for windows, doors, garage doors, wine cellars or other ornamental masonry or by pouring into concrete. After the brickwork of your wall has been finished or your wall has been poured in concrete, the masonry arch can again be removed and you will be left with a beautiful uniform contour.

It can also have a bevelled window frame and it can also take the offset into account.

In addition to an EPS masonry arch being lightweight, moisture will not affect it. There is no deformation probability during hardening while this can be the case with a template in timber.

All forms of masonry arches are possible.

All forms of masonry arches are perfectly possible. Oval or round insert pieces and so much more is also possible with EPS. For these and other deviating forms such as supports for arches and vaults, Tudor arches, arches with bevelled window frames, etc., you can contact us or send a drawing via email.

Pouring concrete on masonry arches

If the support is correct, the load-bearing strength of the EPS masonry arches is more than sufficient to pour a dimensionally stable jamb form.

This can be done directly on site but also in relation to prefab elements.

Masonry arches for vaults and wine cellars


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