Impact-resistant PP

Impact-resistant PP is a thermocomposite materials characterised by a high impact-resistance and a wide temperature range. This material can therefore be use at very low and at very high temperatures. This composite materials may come into direct contact with food and, moreover, is exceptionally chemically resistant. We therefore can find product applications in the most diverse sectors.

The basis is formed by the granules that are converted into film by means of the extruders. This further processing will take place using thermoforming machines after which the finish by using a punching machine, cutting machine and/or router will determine the look and finishing degree of the products. Residual material is immediately ground and recycled back into impact-resistant polypropylene. In most applications, currently up to 50% of recycled material is being added on average! The product dimensions may vary up to Euro pallet format. Residual material is immediately ground and recycled.

PP is elastic and abrasion-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean and it is very tough and tear-resistant. This all can be achieved in relation to a wide temperature range.


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