Impact-resistant PS

Impact-resistant polystyrene (PS) is a thermocomposite materials that allows itself to be easily formed and folded by means of heat. Items made of PS do not lead to issues with health, are very stable and can be perfectly recycled. They are also extremely hygienic and may come into direct contact with food. PS contains stabilisers that protect the material from fast ageing under the influence of oxygen and high temperatures. Products can then be used for many years without the quality decreasing in any significant way. The thickness can vary from 0.3 mm to 6 mm. The other dimensions and shapes of the products may vary (Euro pallet format).

This impact-resistant polystyrene has a very wide application area and, due to its strength and washability perfectly suitable for long-term and multiple use.

Impact-resistant PS belongs to the thermocomposite materials category. Its surface is smooth and easy to clean. It is biologically inert and it can resist most acids and bases. The material is stable, hard and strong after having been given shape as well as fairly impact resistant. It is completely safe when manufacturing, processing and using for food (also for packaging). It can be made into film in all possible thicknesses and in many colours.

The basis is formed by the granules that is converted into film by means of the extruders. This further processing will take place using thermoforming machines after which the finish by using a punching machine, cutting machine and/or router will determine the look and finishing degree of the products. Residual material is immediately ground and recycled back into impact-resistant polystyrene. In most applications where it concerns “non-food”, currently up to 50% of recycled material is being added on average!


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