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For heating and cooling pipes (as from a diameter of 60 mm), insulation sleeves are used that keep the energy within the system up to the location where it is required.

Sleeves in expanded polystyrene (EPS) and Neopor are extremely suitable for all sorts of applications from -180 °C to +90 °C (at high temperatures, no weight must be exerted on the insulation sleeves) with the exception of steam pipes thanks to their excellent characteristics. For even higher temperatures, PIR sleeves can be used (for application up to at most 120 °C) or PIR-HT (for application up to at most 200 °C).

The insulation sleeves can be delivered in all possible diameters as from an insulation thickness of 60 mm. They have a length of 1.2 m and are provided in two or more segments depending on the diameter. As from a wall thickness of 30 mm, these sleeves have a self-clamping tongue and groove connection or an overlap connection (for PIR and PIR-HT sleeves).

If the pipes are close to each other, you have the option of insulating them at the same time by using a flat piece in-between the two segments of the sleeve. They will then also be provided with a self-clamping tongue and groove connection.

To protect the insulation against both mechanical damage and the impact of UV radiation, the entire item is finished with an aluminium piece with a thickness of 0.2 mm. This aluminium piece is supplied at the correct circumference length and is provided with edges that are folded over so that it can be attached around the insulation sleeve without requiring additional tools.

Bends and elbows in all possible dimensions, of course, are also needed in relation to the sleeves that may have aluminium as standard or not.

The sleeves and accessories are very easy to install.

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