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Products in foam




Together we develop your transport tray adjusted to your products.

Two different products have to fit in the same tray? We can make that.

A tray that fixates your products on top and the ones on the level below? We can make that.

Your products need to stay fixed in the tray and also be easily removable? We can make that.

This multi-usable tray in polypropylene has supports on two different levels.Because of this, two types of speakers fit in one tray.

These trays for stacking rims on pallets, position the rims on the bottomside as well as the topside! This way the rims cannot move during transport. Contrary to the traditional cardboard packaging, these trays don't weaken when wet, so there is no stability loss and the rims do not rust.

This is a polypropylene tray for containing medical bottles during testing. The bottles have to plug in easily. Afterwards the trays are turned on a regular basis to shake the content. It is essential that during the turning, no bottles fall out!


Innovate on pallet size!


Ideal for internal or external transport of your products of spare parts or finished products: thermoformed transport trays made to fit onto pallets.

  • tailor made for a perfect fit

  • together with you we'll come up with the best solution for your products.

  • long life expectancy

  • can be produced in small quantities, because of limited costs for different shapes

  • easily stackable

  • in high-impact polystyrene or in polypropylene


Innovate, fitting in a container!


Together we develop a tray suited for your products!


Your products are safe to transport thanks to the thermoformed trays in polystyrene and polypropylene, which fit into existing plastic containers.



Innovate, in custom dimensions!


Together we develop a tray suited for your products.


We provide thermoformed transport trays tailor made, for a variety of applications in polystyrene or polypropylene. Ideal for internal or external transport of your parts or products. Or to increase the efficiency of your production, we are able to provide your standard trolleys and containers with loading levels. Or 'cradles', which provide stability and good protection for round products. They can be easily stacked layer upon layer, without danger of rolling away. The possibilities are endless.

Please inform about prices and the various possibilities for your product.

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