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Insulation profiles


                                                                             Fill up extra space in your product with insulation profiles!


These profiles are customly produced in EPS Styrofoam or Neopor. Neopor is enriched with graphite for increasing the insulation value (with 20%). The lambda-value (heath conduction) varies depending on the density between 0,032 and 0,030W/mK. Otherwise, Neopor has the same characteristics as EPS.


The profiles are ideal for insulation of passive houses, as filling for ventilation systems, shutter boxes, windows, doors, garage doors, ...



Safeguard your heating-loss


For heating and cooling pipes, insulation mantles are used which retain the energy inside the system where it is needed.


  • Thanks to their exceptional insulation characteristics, mantles in expanded polystyrene (EPS) and Neopor are extremely well suited for all kinds of applications (except for steam pipes) from -180° till +90°C. For applications that require higher temperatures, insulation mantles in PIR (till 120°C) or PIR-HT (till 200°C) can be used.


  • Insulation mantles can be supplied in all possible diameters and insulation thicknesses. They have a length of 1.2 m and are produced in two or more segments, depending on the diameter. Starting with a side-wall thickness of 30 mm, these mantels are provided with a self-latching tongue and groove connection or with an overlap (for PIR and PIR-HT).


  • When the pipes are close to each other, it is possible to insulate them together by using a flat piece between the two segments of the mantel. In that case they are also provided with a self-latching tongue and groove connection.


  • To protect the insulation, both against mechanical damage and against the influence of UV rays, the whole thing is finished off with an aluminium sheet of 0.2 mm thickness. This aluminium sheet is supplied in the right circumference length and is provided with edges that are folded over so it can be attached around the insulation mantel without additional accessories.


  • Curves and elbows for corners and intersections in all possible dimensions, with or without aluminium protection are also possible.


  • All mantles and accessories can be installed very easily yourself, as you can see in the video above.


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