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Formwork molds in EPS (Styrofoam) and PUR (Polyurethane) give u freedom in designing your projects in concrete!

This makes our formwork ideal for applications in reconstruction & restauration, innovation, artworks, complex projects, 
road & bridge construction, ...

Contact us for a free discussion conserning the possibilities for shutterings in EPS and PUR for your project!

Railway station of Antwerpen (Belgium)

This reconstruction project started with 3D scanning and digital enhancing of the plaster cast from the original elements. With these digital images formwork in EPS was made for recreating the original shaping. The client poured concrete in the formworks to get artificial stone pieces with the original shape.

Crematorium Hofheide: Acoestic openings in the ceiling
Red Star Line: Shuttering for watchtower of the museum

‘The Red Star Line’ was a Belgian shipping company that sailed immigrants from Antwerp to New York between 1873 and 1935. A watchtower in the shape of a steamboat was built for the museum about ‘The Red Star Line’. Strabag used EPS inner-shutterings covered with orange PVC foil and EPS outer-shutterings covered with PS-foil.

Embassy of Qatar (in Brussel): Shuttering mold for the domes


EPS shuttering molds were made for pouring the inner and outer domes in concrete by Prefadim. These shutterings in EPS were covered with orange PVC-foil for facilitating the formwork stripping.

Radar tower (Oostende): Gradual formwork in EPS
Concrete Challenge Desk: Shuttering mold for the desk for an exposition.

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