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Products in foam

3D Letters and Logo's


We make your 3D Letters and Logo's by hot wire cutting or cnc milling in EPS or another material.
Ideal as eye-catcher, decoration or promotion-tool! Words can be made in 3D or milled out of the material (like the '2' in 'BE' picture below right). The letters can be made in any font. Letters with a hole inside like 'O' or 'B', can be cut with incision or the hole can be milled out entirely.

Twinplast does not paint or coat its products.



Blow-up and Eye-catchers.              


                                             Grab everyone's attention!


Enlarge your product, logo or decor piece to entice your audience. A basic shape in EPS or PUR is ideal for this.

These materials are easily cutmilled or sanded by hand. Multiple pieces of the same product can easily be made.

A basic shape for making a mould in polyester is also possible.

Decorate your shop, create extra atmosphere on your event, entice a public on your exhibition booth, ...

Twinplast does not paint or coat its products.



Dream away in these decorations!


3D milling and hotwire cutting are excellent for making the basic shape for your decor project in EPS or PUR.

Create a world and capture your audience so your product becomes an experience! This is well suited for an exhibition booth, a movie set, a festival or even a permanent decoration in a thema park.

We do not develop your decor, but help decorbuilders in hatching your ideas!

Twinplast does not paint or coat its products.

Basic shape of boat (K3 show)
2011: Theme park decoration (Osiris, Asterix-Parc, Paris) (in opdracht van Neverland)
2011: Theme park blow-ups (Plopsaland indoor Coevorden, the Nederlands)



                          Liberty for your designs!


3D Milling, hot wire cutting and sawing are the best way to get your basic forms for design furniture like benches, desks and decor pieces. Create a world with your furnitures, that your custumors want to explore!

We do not design furniture, but help you in shaping your desings with a basic form in EPS and PUR.
Twinplast does not paint or coat its products.

Coffee cups in Delftware: Airport Schiphol (NL)
Martini-bar: Scheldestraat 11, Antwerp

Basic shape for polyester mould


Twinplast mills the base form in EPS or PUR (Polyurethane). This basic shape can be used by you for making a mold in polyester.  The polyester can be applied directly on PUR, but not on EPS. You have to coat the basic forms in EPS first before utilising polyester, so the polyester and its fumes cannot touch the EPS. Epoxy can be used directly on PUR and on EPS. The polyester mold can be used for creating the end product.

Group T: Basic form for the electric car 'June', a project of Belgian masterstudents in engineering from KULeuven (Group T). 
Limoncello: Basic shape in EPS for selling booth in the shape of a lemon 


                                         Look & touch!


Show your client the product you will make for them!

Produce first a prototype or development model. Win your doubting client over by showing him and letting him feel the end product! Do you doubt between two different models? Put them next to each other and compare, like the two chairs on picture. Double-check whether the designed piece really fits and is what you want before you command thousands of them.


milled prototype is also ideal as sample before you invest in injection moulding.

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